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March 19th, 2013, 11:32 pm


Tourney of Champions

After the success of last week’s Minecraft jam session, the two of us had an idea to do something for the RTstuck community every week in the form of competition! We’re not restricted to just one console and would be able to extend invitation to players on both the PC and XBOX. Each competition would be announced on wednesdays and hosted either on Saturday or Sunday, and they’d be recorded and posted as a video to point out highlights. As for what we’d do, well, we’re yet unsure, but we’ll probably recreate old AH Minecraft games, or invent some of our own!
To join, you’d need (of course) a copy of Minecraft for either the XBOX or PC, a stable internet connection, at least an hour of free time, and Skype. We say Skype because you’re going to have to communicate with the other players SOMEHOW.
To the victor goes the spoils, and the winner of each competition will receive some sort of prize that will be announced along with the challenge each Wednesday, so you’ll know what you’re fighting for ahead of time. PB and I are by no means made of money, so expect to see prizes being mostly of the artistic variety.
If you’re interested, send a friend request to Skype and XBOX Live accounts zeldaluvr1 and make sure you include some sort of message that says you’re adding me for the Minecraft parties.
That’s all folks. Are there any comments/questions/concerns?

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